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KFC is a chain of fast food restaurants, which for 63 years of its existence in the market has managed to overtake dozens of competitors in more than 118 countries around the world.

The success story began with the great love of its founder, Harland Sanders, for chicken meat. It was he who became the author of the legendary recipe for chicken wings, the key role in which is played by a mixture of 11 herbs and spices. Until now, the description of the mixture is one of the most protected trade secrets.

Why KFC is delicious

Breaded wings are the dish that made KFC famous all over the world. 

But the tastes of consumers in different countries are very different. To please them, the company constantly adds new items to the menu, many of which look amazing: for example, waffles with chicken, pizza on chicken "dough" and others. 

We talk about how the innovative cuisine of the restaurant chain works, and about its most striking recipes.

From idea to finished dish

KFC is responsible for the development of new recipes by 18 innovation teams located in the regions where the network operates around the world, and local managers responsible for the introduction of new products in each country. 

The process of creating a new dish includes four stages. On the first of them, a study of the tastes and requests of local consumers is carried out. 

For example, in some countries they love chicken meat (thigh), and in many dishes there is cheese, which is considered in this country a symbol of prosperity and wealth. Consumer preferences are correlated with the company's business goals, current food trends and ingredients available in the region.

The next step is to collect ideas and proposals within the development team, from suppliers, network employees (for this purpose, competitions are held within the company), external experts. 

When the ideas and concepts are collected, the development of a prototype of the future dish begins. Different versions are evaluated by consumers within the framework of focus groups, from which the one that they liked the most is chosen. At the third stage, the adaptation of the prototype for the introduction of dishes into the restaurants of the network in a certain market begins. 

Particular attention is paid to ensuring that the dish meets high quality standards in restaurants. And, finally, the novelty is introduced to the menu - first in several restaurants to check whether consumers will really appreciate it. 

If the sales targets of a new dish are met, after a while it appears in the chain's restaurants throughout the region.

Taste for innovation

If a new dish is very popular in one region, it can be tried in others, and even put on the menu of several countries at once. This happened, for example, with "chizza" (Chizza, chicken pizza), which was originally served in KFC restaurants. 

This is a kind of hybrid of pizza and fried chicken: instead of a base of dough, it uses chicken breast, which is cooked so that a crispy crust of corn flakes forms around the edges, as in a real Italian pizza. 

The base is covered with a signature cheese sauce, and toppings are added on top - mozzarella, chicken ham and pineapple pieces. Today you can try "chitsa" in 15 countries of the world. 

And in different countries the filling may differ.


Chachos, which can be sampled at KFC restaurants since 2017, is another dish inspired by Mexican cuisine. 

The recipe was based on nachos - baked corn chips with cheese and other additives. 

Instead of chips, KFC uses deep-fried pieces of tender fillet, with which traditional nacho toppings are served: cheese sauce, diced tomatoes, hot jalapeƱo peppers, sour cream and green onions.


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